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Western Digital Corporation (WDC usually abbreviated or WD) is an American company, world leader as a manufacturer of hard drives for computers. Has a long history in the electronics industry, in the production of integrated circuits and storage media.

If you do not know which company is this, you should know that probably the hard drive of the computer that you are using comes from this brand.

For 2 years we had the opportunity and the responsibility to arrange the SEO situation of the company, which hired the services of the also North American Transperfect, world leader in digital translation, which in turn hired the services of eData as a final executive specialist through its headquarters in Europe, located in Barcelona.

WD - Western Digital

Western Digital - Technology

Client data:

Western Digital

Sector: Technology
País: Estados Unidos
Dirección: 3355 Michelson Drive, Suite 100
Código Postal: 92612
Localidad: Irvine
Provincia: California
Teléfono: +1-949-672-7000
Fax: +1-949-672-5408

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