Website development, mobile apps and custom web applications development

Our expertize in development and programming of online visibility solutions, mobile applications (apps) and web based custom applications can bring many added values through comprehensive web projects. In adition we treasure over 15 years of experience in web positioning.

Why do you need specialized developers?

Because specialty means quality, knowledge and featured skills, let us shape your ideas and needs and pull out your project. We want it to work beyond expectations and as soon as possible, just like we'd love it for us. We can assess all along the project cycle so that everything runs smooth and fluent, helping out from eventual difficulties or decisions. If you need to screw something up do not use a hammer. Tell us about your project and we will offer a proper and potent proposal.

Quality Development: made in Barcelona

Our comfort zone in development

eData has synergic strengths in these following fields of programming-development:

  • Web portals and website development for any economic sector. Time to grow your business within Internet, get faster ROI using our SEO CMS.
  • Mobile apps development, exclusive self-management for Android and/or iOS apps. Reach everywhere through smartphones and tablets, relate it to your website with our unique RELEVANT CMS!
  • Custom web applications developed in Barcelona, best quality with competitive prices. Look no further, we will build that new custom application and will be perfect for the purpose: usability and performance within budget.
  • APEX web applications development, our Oracle certificate is a promise about quality and sharp deadlines based on Oracle APEX easiness.

We love our job and enjoy making it visible. We know how to make websites rank better, raising client projects with our SEO services; we humbly suggest feeling curious about them...

Client Portfolio

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