The search console is a direct communication window with Google

But you have to know how to use it correctly.
In terms of web positioning and business via the Internet you can not walk halfway with Google's search stuff.

You will miss opportunities or worse, you can cause problems if you put yourself in the wrong hands, because in SEO valid needs to be correct.

Free audit of your Google Console


Let's talk today about the status of your assets in the eyes of Google.
You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Request the audit without obligation [ Contact ] [ +34 690 26 13 70 ]
  2. Receive our NDA (PDF with legal validity)
  3. Give us access (limited and temporary) to your console
  4. Receive the report, which we can comment on delivery
  5. You decide what to do with the conclusions, without commitment
Monitoring the Google Search Console, a basic professional SEO service

The search console as a basic tool

Official Google video about
the search console

If we answer the frequent questions of the Google blog for Webmasters, it is immediately clear the need to have absolute control over the Google Search Console:

For websites, tracking is the gateway to Google's search results. If this step is done well, indexing in Google Search will be easier.

Q: Does the speed of a site affect the tracking budget? And the errors?

A: If a website loads fast, the user experience is better and the site is also crawled more frequently. For the Google robot, if a site is fast it means that the servers are in good condition, and you can get more content with the same number of connections. On the other hand, if there are many errors of the type 5xx or often the connection timeout is exhausted, it means the opposite and the tracking slows down, if any.

We recommend that you pay attention to the tracking error report in Search Console and stress on minimizing server errors.

Things you can do using the Google Console

  • In the console you have the average position of your pages, a question that often comes to us in different ways:
    • How to know the positioning of my web in google?
    • See the positioning of my online website
    • Position of my website on Google: You can see the approximate position, since it groups different related searches
    • If you want precise information we recommend search ranking reports
    • https search console If you're interested, you're probably thinking about migrate to SSL, We can help you!

Uncontrolled web migrations? NO, THANKS!

If you plan to change your project online or do a web migration, you should take our services into account, among which outstands this analysis of the Google console: not in vain it was previously known as Webmaster Tools, know and manage it 100% is an absolute basics of serious SEO.

To master what happens in the search console is a basic in optimization, analytics and web positioning, we will ensure the optimization of your web to give you back that time that you need to dedicate yourself to your things with tranquility and concentration.


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