Barcode specified in Schema

The ImageObject is too broad and currently has the usefulness of declaring a MIME graphic content as "image", without going to class or give clues to their contribution within a document or web page.
This has changed since the inclusion of Barcode as subelement ImageObject, which inherits the following properties:

  • caption: identifies the object. A very reasonable use of this property would be the numerical value of the bar code.
  • exifData: EXIF data within the image container are identified explicitly.
  • representativeOfPage: a Boolean (Yes/No) property that indicates whether the object, thus the barcode, is representative of the page that displays it. Our view is that this property being positive seems quite unlikely, we will not be using the positive value since neither advise to display a page where the barcode was the main object; probably more usual to give this distinction to the image of the product concerned.
  • thumbnail: This property is itself a ImageObject that identifies a thumbnail version of the image (barcode) to larger or resolution.

In the context of our web content management system RELEVANT CMS™ we pay special attention to such developments given the importance of web/ERP interoperability and extended capability provided by the use of Linked-Data technologies for the reuse of information.

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