Costa Cruiseshas recently announced a new base of operations in the port of Tarragona that will start operating this same 2017.

The news has been welcomed by the consistory of Tarragona and the economic and commercial framework, which after enjoying in 2016 a record year in Tarragona cruise traffic already rubs hands with the potential for economic growth implicit in this new Operative in the Port of Tarragona for this summer.

That Costa Cruises has chosen Tarragona as the base port of one of its routes through the Mediterranean means a supplementary supply of oxygen for the local economy. This also becomes a new entrance channel for the theme park offer in the area: for this last point also coincides with the opening of the new Ferrari Land park in the interior of PortAventura.

The "Costa Neoriviera" in Tarragona

The Costa Neoriviera will do 17 operations with departure and arrival in Tarragona that will attract some 25,000 passengers and generate an economic impact of over 2 million euros between June 2 and September 22, 2017, according to the forecasts of the Shipping company.

It is foreseen that after a berth at the Tarragona cruise terminal, the scale lasts for 17 hours, during which it is planned to organize (as is customary on all stopovers) a package of optional excursions for the Roman legacy of the Ancient Tarraco and the monasteries of Poblet and Montblanc.

Time will tell if this new opportunity helps increase the cultural, leisure and tourist potential of the territory of Tarragona or if, on the other hand, it causes saturation problems as seen in other cruise destinations such as Barcelona.

Port of Tarragona Cruises

In view of the forecasts it seems that the figures for 2016, the best year of the Tarragona cruises to date, will be exceeded.

In the long term, other companies could follow this path, or that Costa Cruises itself increases its stake in Tarragona. If so, the cruises from Barcelona would have a territorial counterweight to the South, the synergies could make the Tarragona cruise out to become a serious cruising competitor with the Catalan capital.

The Port Authority of Tarragona plans to double the 22 vessels that landed in 2016 (13,000 passengers) in 2017, thus anticipating a productive Summer in the area.

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