Advisors accredited by ACCIÓ (Gencat) - Consultants in digital development for SMEs and Start-Ups

After proposing to ourselves to collaborate with companies in need of internationalization, exportation or simply improving their channels of commercial communication via Internet, we stated our will to participate in the program of revitalization and competitiveness for businesses conducted by the Generalitat of Catalonia (our government), by means of its ACCIÓ program.

Today we received word of our official accreditation after successfully passing the technical and conforming to requirements filters, so until 2019 out we can take our work commitment regarding the Catalan business under the confidence label of the Catalan government. Our specific mission will be SEO consulting and creating efficient web pages, which are meant to be especially easy to find by searching Google and other search engines, thus contributing to the growth of client companies and their turnover.
If your company is eligible for the ACCIÓ program we will be pleased to help you grow your business.

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