Several studies show that speed is a very important factor, since users want to find answers to their questions as quickly as possible.
Although speed has been a positioning criterion for some time, it was only used in desktop computer searches.

Today Google announced that, as of July 2018, the speed of the pages will also be taken into account when it comes to positioning results in mobile searches.

This change, codename called "speed update", will only affect the slower pages and a small percentage of the queries. The same criteria will apply to all pages, regardless of the technology with which they were designed.

The intention with which a search query is made will continue to be a very important factor, so a slow page can have a good position in the results if it provides relevant and quality content.

We encourage programmers to take into account the way in which performance affects the user experience of their pages and that they consult the different user experience metrics. There is no tool to indicate directly if this new factor affects specific pages, but here you have some resources to evaluate the performance of your pages:

  • Chrome User Experience Report: This is a set of public data that provides information about key user experience metrics from popular websites. These data are based on the actual experience of Chrome users.
  • Lighthouse: This is an automated tool that is part of the Chrome developer tools and with which you can measure the quality (performance, accessibility, and more) of web pages.
  • PageSpeed ​​Insights: This is a tool that evaluates the performance of a page in the Chrome User Experience report and recommends changes to optimize performance.

Google completes the turn to the mobile-first index in order to follow the growing volume of cell phone search market, that was taking over searches from desktop computers since a few years ago.

Ask yourself if your website is really ready to compete.

Do not stay in an autocomplete evaluation, a website can have some perfect graphics and high-quality photos, and yet this does not achieve business goals.

There are many ways to lose points, as much as to win. The difference is in your hands: ask the experts for help. Trust us!

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