SME Instrument Phase 2 - Results May 2018

The Catalan companies Biprocel, Dexma, Minoryx Therapeutics and receive a total of 2.9 million euros of financing of the SME instrument

The pilot initiative, European Innovation Council (EIC), resolved on May 24, the second call for 2018 of the SME instrument in its phase 2 .

In this modality we want to promote the demonstration, replicability in the market and the R & D of the project (service or product) of an SME to make the step of the concept in the market.

Activities may include trials, prototypes, validations, demonstrations and tests in a replica of real market situations.

Companies also receive a business coaching service (accompaniment) and mentoring (tutoring), in order to identify spaces or barriers to growth.

The instrument is designed to support companies that have been established for a while, not so much by start-up companies.
It is required that they have less than 250 workers and an annual turnover of no more than 50 million euros and an annual balance of no more than 43 million euros.

In order to carry out their ideas, companies can receive an amount between € 500,000 and € 2,500,000 per project and will last from 1 to 2 years.

The results of this second call, concluded on March 14, has been of 65 SMEs from 20 different countries and 64 projects with a total budget of 110 million euros.

On this occasion, four Catalan companies have been awarded with European funding:

  • Biprocel, established in Mataró, has been awarded with the project "EcoMDF: introduction in the market". The idea is to market a new material for the construction made from cellulose waste.
  • Dexma, established in Barcelona, ​​with its project: "e4SME: comprehensive utilities that involve SMEs with energy management experiences".
  • Minoryx Therapeutics, established in Mataró, has been awarded with the project: "MIN4ALD: Use of MIN-102 for the treatment of children with cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy", it is about the experimentation of a new medication.
  •, established in Viladecans, with its project: "CV4RE: use of artificial intelligence in the real estate sector".

Call SME Instrument (Phase 2)
Minoryx Therapeutics

Source: Representation of the European Commission in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

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