One domain after another, one customer after another we don't cease to implement structured data. In eData we keep reinventing the classics of SEO adapting our methodology and tools to full use in the context of new and changing trends in optimizing web pages after the adoption of the new model announced by Google search as "Hummingbird". We love these new classics and have gotten such a large number of publicated elements with a turnover close to zero mistakes (and closing to absolute zero as you read); thus we are pleased with our expertise in structured data elements. But it's never enough, we continue to seek formulas that allow us to accurately define for Google and other search engines the contents described on the websites of our customers. The truth is that soon becomes a challenge but always is outweighed by the passion that rises from solving the equation... One might think that this news is not so relevant, but you can read it in the key of success for al:l the structured data are essential for enterprise web assets, the huge corporate portal or the humblest ecommerce: no matter the activity sector or size of business: we can implement structured data by applying our new knowledge and help you achieve business goals. Our RELEVANT CMS collects all this theoretical and practical experience and helps us get more results in less time. No doubt that this CMS can do much also for your project; we want more, we want to help, we want your idea to reach further away... From here we encourage you to consider this new approach and find in eData the Allied needed to implement success in your web project.

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