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  • SEO training for tourism, intensive SEO training sessions for Olot tourism technicians: techniques, methods and content creation.

    We had the opportunity to carry out 2 training days on the bases of modern SEO as well as a review of the historical milestones of the older SEO.

    The public areas of Olot have historically had a high penetration of WordPress as a web publishing tool, which we are reverting through various migration projects using Relevant CMS as an alternative to WordPress, but as everything has its rhythm and tourism technicians would still have to work for a time with WordPress, we decided to put a good number of SEO topics for WordPress on the agenda that we were going to touch.

    The session was a success where we could verify in group that in spite of sharing the same platform of editing web WordPress, the local technicians formed a group of almost 20 people distributed in 4 different web projects and these websites were inoperable by technicians of a foreign group, due to the different templates and functionalities added.

    This problem, which in the future will be solved with the extended use of our SaaS content manager, Relevant CMS, became very clear. But the implementation of a standard solution for all cases facilitated training and management in the medium term, using the famous SEO plugin from YOAST.

    Thus SEO training for WordPress went largely by the configuration and management of the SEO plugin everyday.

  • Cliente:

    Turisme Olot