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A website without SEO is an opaque showcase. Fit this idea in your mindset: do not consider creating a website lacking the will to be proactive in web positioning because it will be nothing but wasting your budget.
We know this very well and felt the duty to communicate: doing SEO is a must.

What are the benefits of investing in SEO?

Any entrepreneur, manager or marketing responsable knows the concept of positioning, but this was traditionally associated to branding or scale economics. If all is about "being there" then, why not highlighting our own digital assets among competitors? Isn't it true all of us want to be first in line? But the podium in search engines has very few places and your competition is already fighting on the way to one of these valuable top positions...
Let's put the question about SEO benefits upside down...

It is useless for a company having a website intended to represent an advantage in competition or any kind of benefit NOT being this website absolutely visible in search engines like Google or Bing. If we leave aside this cause/effect and focus only on ROI, such unbalance would result nothing but unacceptable.

This said, it is quite clear that web positioning through SEO is one of the best ways for attracting visitors to your website and when "best" is said differencing begins and usually hesitations as well because there are many "so called professionals" walking under the sun. We are responsable and specialized, not just words: we can proof it.

Our historical knowledge about SEO actually begins with it, far before Google's monopoly; we live on the crest of the wave since then, always ready, always up to date: accompanying our clients.

Doing good SEO requires time and resources, no matter you are a freelancer SEO or a large agency, all of it acording goal expectations. It depends on the skills and experience of your SEO providers to reach goals sooner or later. We advocate a model of technified qualitative work where trained human brains have always last word, we have created tools and methodologies around what we offer our multilingual SEO services, if you need online visibility in the world why confine ourselves to use one language alone?

SEO benefits are based on building visitor traffic to client website and the quality of this traffic, measured on the potential of these visitors to become clients or prescriptors.


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