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eData  incredibly specially extremely healthy for your ideas and websites.

High performance design and development, we create effective websites and other web solutions. Our more than 10 years of experience as a company specializing in LAMP web environment, SEO consultancy and web applications enable us to provide professional solutions to our clients.

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Winning websites won't rely on appearence alone anymore: if you want to compete you will need an efficient web development plus effective web positioning. We pack them for your benefit.


Content is the reason for the modern Internet: posting useful quality content that needs to be visible in search engine result pages. Managing content is part of the digital economy and basic for survival.


A website without SEO is an opaque showcase. Do not consider creating a website without the intention to be proactive in web positioning because it will be a failed investment.

Alternative WordPress

There are many Open Source CMS out there, but WordPress outstands. Is it really that good for all cases? Learn how RELEVANT CMS can become your desired substitute for WP.


A way to extend your business making it more profitable, open 24x7x365 and take advantage of the market trend towards a digital environment. Get to know our ecommerce enabled CMS!

Custom web applications

Custom web applications development for private and public sectors, web applications for any needs: efficient, usable and high performance web application at competitive prices.

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