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Custom applications and Apps development

Over 16 years of experience in high level LAMP development, we build custom applications and mobile Apps, database optimisation and technology maintenance all within our service catalog aimed at SME digitalisation. We are experts improving internal processes and efficience through client/server applications, apps and web development.

SEO web development for productivity and results

Atractive web design with best in web development skills and high yield products: multiscreen websites, multilanguage and proactive SEO. Professional services in SEO consultancy supported on our world class long experience: corporate presence, ecommerce and visibility for SME in all sectors.

Save time and money with impact through our comprehensive projects: Web + App + Content + SEO.

SEO strategy SEO Strategy
web design and development Web design and development
Optimized web performance Optimized web performance
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eData is a development company. We are developers and consultants: expert programmers in digital solutions for companies, we help you towards improve.


Design and development of web pages: to compete you need efficient web development and effective web positioning. We merge both to improve your business with scalable and sustainable projects.


We develop mobile applications for companies, either for direct management or as satellite applications for other systems. Apps Node.JS, Android and iOS: performance and savings.

Custom web applications

Custom web applications development for private and public sectors, web applications for any needs: efficient, usable and high performance web application at competitive prices.


A website without SEO is an opaque showcase. Do not consider creating a website without the intention to be proactive in web positioning because it will be a failed investment.

SEO audit

SEO audits are analysis focussed on a given website and they exist because this is not a perfect world where websites are designed and developed with SEO in mind from the beginning.

Alternative WordPress

There are many Open Source CMS out there, but WordPress outstands. Is it really that good for all cases? Learn how RELEVANT CMS can become your desired substitute for WP.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture seeks, in its deepest sense, an emotion - satisfaction from working, learning or interacting efficiently by means of a proper interface studied and built on purpose of the set goals.

Responsive web design

You can't afford ignoring the Multi-Device WWW! We squeeze technology delivering rational web sites with full adaptive design, usable and ready for Google's Mobile indexing First.


A way to extend your business making it more profitable, open 24x7x365 and take advantage of the market trend towards a digital environment. Get to know our ecommerce enabled CMS!


The APEX (Oracle Application Express) technology allows design and program applications of high performance at greatly reduced costs in the hands of our certified Oracle experts.


We are an efficient team formed in LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), so we are able to develop web solutions quickly, stable and economically.

Structured Data

Semantic Web is a reality and within it we do Semantic SEO. Would you like being today where your competition will be next year? Hit first with science and experience! Put Google Brain to work for you.

Create 3S Website

We are aware of everything behind web page creation. We do not confuse the ends with the means, we invite you to learn about our "3S" philosophy of work.

ACCIÓ - Internationalization

The Coupons for Internationalization 2018 will be open for request from 26th Oct. through 29th Nov., take the opportunity to enjoy our services at a very reduced price. Call us!

Google My Business

The geolocalized companies, commerce, hospitality, services, are especially sensitive to the information of Google Maps. Do you know how many people pass by having been a new client?

Google Search Console

The Search Console keeps your website communicated with Google; our configuration and monitoring service keeps your web optimized supporting the growth of your project.

WordPress clonation

WordPress cloning, rescue and improvement of WordPress websites after attacks, fatal errors or that have reached their technical limits and can't deliver any further: professional replacement for WP.

Microsite web development

We design, develop and promote microsites. The microsites or weblets fulfill a very important function, covering specific aspects that can not be developed within the framework of the main corporate website.

Web design+SEO

We offer web + SEO design, the most efficient way to bring your brand, products and services to the market: greater savings, greater impact and a quick return on investment.

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