APEX - Inexpensive custom web development

APEX technology (Oracle Application Express) allows to design and develop high performance web applications web at reduced cost thanks to pre-conceived components in the skilled hands of our experts. Learn more about our Oracle APEX development offer.

What is APEX?

Oracle APEX (Oracle Application Express) is a framework that simplifies significantly the web applications development, because most basic processes (aditions, substractions, modifications, extractions, graphics, etc.) are automatically generated. This guarantees as well a lower number of any eventual programming errors, this is a benefit by reducing timings for deliverables and shortening time to market.

One of the important aspects of developing with APEX technology is the cost reduction. The fact of that many features already available within strongly proven framework provides the possibility of faster development and therefore lower programming costs, obviously you can accelerate the ROI.
Some of the most important APEX features are:

  • Fast development (high productivity)
  • 100% web based
  • Very professional “Look”
  • Easy to create functional models in no time
  • Validations and processes are done on server side
  • Easy to deploy the application in different environments
  • Safe framework (ORACLE)
  • Data Integrity
  • Scalable
  • Reusable common elements (column sorting, csv, graphics, etc.)

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