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Cromalite is a company dedicated to the import of lighting and professional photography. Elinchrom, Sekonic, Lastolite, Nanguang, PocketWizard, Hedler, Cosmolight, Lumiquest, Tre-D, Cromalite, Rotatrim.

We already participated in the first web migration of Cromalite, invited by Erigin in 2011.
By then the results were already noticeable, even though it was an SEO service for a web already finished, unlike the new project update Cromalite web where we have been called again by our colleagues from Erigin to suggest changes and Look for weak points during the development of the current web.
As it could not be otherwise, the positive results are stacked on the already very satisfactory results of 6 years ago.
As it was originally done, the Cromalite website is created on the open source CMS Drupal, this time in version 7.

Cromalite - Other sectors

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Sector: Other sectors
País: España
Dirección: C/ Vinyals 29
Código Postal: 08041
Localidad: Barcelona
Provincia: Barcelona
Teléfono: 934360561
Fax: 93 436 02 86

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