Digital tools help small businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of local economies. Companies are revitalizing their cities, creating jobs and shaping their communities, one client and one employee at a time.

In order to better understand the role of the WWW for helping small businesses to grow in today's economy, Google recently commissioned a study from consultancy Deloitte. The study concluded that the use of digital tools (such as websites, SEO analysis andonline marketing) affects positively to the growth of SMEs in 4 important aspects:

  • Reach new customers
  • Reach new markets
  • Grow faster
  • Create jobs

Reach more customers

Digital tools help small businesses reach more customers at every stage of the purchasing process. In fact, Deloitte's research found that small businesses that used advanced digital tools, such as the web analytics and the online video, they were almost 3 times more likely to increase the interest of customers, as well as calls and potential customers.

Reach new markets

The web can open new markets to small businesses, either across the country or around the world. Deloitte's research found that small, digitally advanced companies are 3 times more likely to export in the last year.

Grow faster

Digitally advanced small businesses experienced revenue growth that was almost 4 times higher than the previous year.

Create jobs

Digitally advanced small businesses are job creators. There are 3 times more probability of job creation for correctly digitized SMEs, and we should not forget that this should mean that there is sustained growth.

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