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Content is the ultimate reason for the existence and development of the Internet, an environment for publishing useful content, quality that you want to be visible for your audience from search engines. Content management is now a front in the online marketing war and specific strengths are required to survive, if you want to go beyond survival competing to win a content management system that is ahead of its time is needed.

Why choosing a propietary CMS? What makes RELEVANT CMS™ so interesting?

We represent a winning option with RELEVANT CMS, a new concept of CMS developed to meet the digital markets need for visibility and taking into account the expected market development in the coming years, technical trends and probable developments in the algorithms of Google. Of course we looked around to collect the strengths and discard weaknesses of other options, but always from the perspective of rational, functional and high added-value thought. For example we paid special attention to the development of the Semantic Web, giving much weight to the structured metadata and metadata descriptions (not to be confused with the usual "metatags" in HTML) data. We are able to represent and interrelate contents in client websites as coherent entities, predicates and subjects to the eyes of Google and the major search engines, plus our goal is to remain at the forefront of technology in all those disciplines that bring a website to the public so that we can quickly adopt improvements and new effective and highly impacting strategies.

Not only we took into account the SEO future and proactivity but performance on all fronts with a leading role, in both the (public) frontend and the backend (management area) transitioning between sections and pages is fast and multi-device, so you can work on the website with tablets, iPads and smartphones or iPhones (although they recommend working in a proper and ergonomic workplace).

This mentioned performance is not limited to this, the infrastructure where typically RELEVANT CMS instances reside is located in the Internet node at Amsterdam (AMSIX), the most densely connected node in the world also offering faster port speeds (10-100GB). Besides offering high connectivity, failproof redundancy and exceptionally low latency we offer an intermediate load acceleration layer. Noy happy with this? We still have another ace in the hole: Softlayer's content delivery network (CDN) services, one of the best in the world. Not everyone accesses to the largest IXP (Internet Exchange Point Neutral) at 10Gb/s, we do and thus our clients! If this figure does not impress by itself be aware that modern local area networks (LAN) probably like your office work at 1Gb/s. Of course Google exchanges web traffic at AMSIX, so crawling and indexing are guaranteed and lightning fast.

Do not think only in Google, we strive to make our CMS more and more usable through continuous dialogue from beginners to superusers and thinking of all the possible roles (and thus different ways and intensities of use). Everything is designed to make your work time more efficient and enjoyable and we can certainly improve a lot more together.

We believe in our webtech iniciative and the methodology spinning all around, becomming unique in its genre. We will be happy to have a chance to proof all these thing...

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