Is yours an obsolete website? 6 years is a long time if we talk about Web technology. Your website may have already become a problem. You may be a victim without even noticing. Keep reading...

6 years is the usual age for many websites, corporate or part of the online presence of any medium-large company.
A website created in 2011 can present dozens of problems or at best, waste hundreds of opportunities to reach your target audience.

Why is it a difficult age for some websites?

2011, for putting the mark in some specific place, represents for many companies the worst economic moment in the modern history of Spain and surely of the whole world.

Budget shortages sparked a fever of low-cost web design vendors. Many companies opted for the cheap product, they chose price on something that deserves much more respect.

The real problem is that many companies have become addicted to the demolition prices that many web design companies adopted as a strategy against a market that is bent on confusing value and price in terms of presence on the Internet; Vice that survived way too long until present day...

Doesn't anybody wonder where such low prices come from?

6 years.
The WWW has totally changed.
The world has changed radically

Is that the age of your company website?

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