Custom web applications development

Custom web development does not end in portals and websites, there is a space for web applications and not everything is already invented: if your specific needs don't meet a proper solution it will be a good moment to start looking for a technology partner able to model the necessary logic and turn it into an efficient web application, with high usability and excellent performance. We use cutting edge and sustainable technologies allowing us to offer quality and results from competitive prices.

Custom web applications??

Why reinventing the wheel?

No matter that there are many applications on the market, each company, project or initiative is different and there are always new needs in the field of web applications development. It is not about wasting our time and your resources creating something that already exists but to find a way for you to accomplish your mission in the most sustainable way.

A simple example on wheels: there are hundreds of models of sports cars and vans, but what if you need a vehicle that meets requirements in somewhere between performance and capacity, comfort and efficiency, acceleration and torque... Someone will have to create or adapt one end to the other.

That someone is us

If you currently find gaps in the system you are using (or no system at all yet) do not hesitate contacting us, we will listen to your requirements for the web application and prepare a proposal and quote. There are certain preconceptions about developing custom solutions, probably the main one being its high cost: it should not be an assumption since we can deliver very good solutions within contained budgets thanks to our certified skills with Oracle APEX and experience in excellent PHP developent.

A proud web development company should not research and test only for technologic passion or merely for economic growth, we believe in offering genuinely accessible and affordable solutions which must be determinant for achieving the goals of the project.

We love our job, we do it from our hearts but driven from our brains.

We work with universal technologies and standards with wide community or official support, such like:

  • HTML5: for agile interphases, high usability and crossbrowser functionality.
  • CSS3: combines with HTML5 for that atractive and functional touch you are looking for.
  • MySQL: precise and rational database engine, forget frozen screens or bottlenecks.
  • PHP: most spread programming language, universal amongst universals, we treasure over 10 years of experience.
  • APEX: Oracle technology that helps us delivering more for less.

If you also need your web application being publicly visible you will love knowing that we are experts in SEO. If Google visibility is not required you still will benefit from our experience in web development.

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