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From time to time there is a qualitative leap that breaks or changes the dynamics of a market.

Feeding from our innovative spirit we decided not to wait for someone to step forward and we committed ourselves to do something totally new in a saturated market such as the content management system niche.

Would we follow the legion of WordPress developers in a flock of sheep-like fashion??
Known technology? Lower costs? Open Source? Save it...

We created a perfect substitute tool specifically aimed at professional and corporate use, discarding the "one size fits all" orientation.

The objective ground for which we want to use RELEVANT CMS and suggest you to do so in this new way of doing things is based on:


  • One of the most criticized WordPress facets, made from components built by independent teams, has many internal inconsistencies that allow the exploitation of vulnerabilities, some to the extent of almost novice attackers.
  • Our apporach is an integrated tool. While WP is a puzzle, RELEVANT CMS builds up in "one piece".
  • While WP have to relax security measures to ensure the proper interaction between components, RELEVANT CMS maintains high security profile without fear of losing functionality or cause conflicts.
  • Not enough? Our hosting is certified in cyber security and has sufficient means to face, detect and reject feared DDOS attacks, we have tangible evidence from post-mortem reports of recently rejected attacks disipated in less than one hour. Remember that these attacks are typically shuting down websites for many hours or even days. Long story short: your website is safe with us.


  • In similar circumstances, a typical WP installation demands much more to the web server than any RELEVANT CMS instance.
  • WordPress typically requires higher RAM and CPU loads, especially CPU. RELEVANT CMS was created based on a database perfectly prepared to allow the best possible performance across the system,being this database the core of RELEVANT CMS as happens also with WordPress, Joomla and many others.
  • We offer 5 arguments that leave behind a WordPress site proposal:
  • Performance hosting: we brought RELEVANT CMS to the heart of the Internet and literally in the middle of the European market.
  • Performance thanks to global content distribution network (CDN) from Softlayer (IBM).
  • Performance web server: correctly sized and with all possible software and hardware acceleration.
  • Performance and protection through a cache solution between the audience and the web server.
  • Performance websites with RELEVANT CMS, ensure a superb PageSpeed 100/100 score and 100/100 mobile user experience.
  • Achieving the same level with WordPress is extremely difficult and (if feasible) prohibitively expensive.


  • WordPress interactions are continually having to reload the page.
  • WordPress training may suffer when switching projects due to theme, plugin or customization issues.
  • Advanced templates are becoming more complicated and far from a realistic DIY solution.
  • RELEVANT CMS brings intuitive and simple usage, we care that the user receives the least amount of distractions and alarming messages in order to concentrate on what really matters. RELEVANT CMS is intended for professionals who need to communicate, and we thought everything through the different roles that can coexist in a RELEVANT CMS project; We are also constantly listening to your suggestions and we intend to have an increasingly valuable tool.


  • Economically: Rates are very competitive for the amount of edge technology being offered.
  • Human resources: we avoid drastic changes to respect the adjustment of users, if there is a need for temporarily replacement the new member of the team will be working with RELEVANT CMS skills in less than 15 minutes.
  • Suppliers: all third party companies are consolidated and we have the mechanisms and methodology to ensure, even in the worst case, a transition without loss of online presence.
  • Scalability: RELEVANT CMS architecture allows space for growth, a humble project can grow and evolve without leaving the house.


  • Everything is new and RELEVANT CMS was designed from the basements to the roof, it has taken the harsh logic of what works in other solutions and has discarded all that could be understood as "established".
  • We are innovative and offer innovation from within.

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