An optimized creative process subject to business objectives

One of the main problems faced by any online project is probably the creative process. If we transfer this "creative moment" to the personal plane, it would be the equivalent of standing before a blank page and thinking: - "And what do I tell the world?"

In an era in which Google dictates vertical search in Western markets, quality and differentiated content are particularly important. Whoever achieves a decent content and also manages to align it in the direction of business objectives, is one step closer to success.

SEO techniques have become increasingly subtle, spurred by algorithmic penalties and Google process improvements. If there is something that draws attention to the current SEO is the concept of interception of the search intention.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, well segmented and address each segment in the appropriate way and with a clear message and in tune with their specific needs: that would be a recipe for approaching a trajectory of sustained success (very summarized, HE).
In practice, it is here that the creative gap appears, the space to be filled ...

How to make the content creation process sustainable?

The main thing is to achieve a sustainable and fluid process of content creation; This is played by 2 main actors: your creatives and your web content management system.

You can greatly optimize the SEO delivery of your CMS, but the content can not be less; It has to be interesting, enriching and crossing the interests of each segment of the public must contain the nuances and concepts that you want to promote. Years ago here we would be talking about keywords, but with a volume of Not Provided and growing long-tail searches, the semantic concept becomes more important about the short form of one or two words forming a search (with a lot of potential traffic, perhaps, but most likely ambiguous, of very low CTR and high rebound).

Active listening in Social Networks and Traditional Media

We are so absolutely invaded by information (infoxicated) that the echoes of the world slip on our cerebral cortex. Some "close floodgates" and others end up with a headache trying to cover everything ...

It's time to listen carefully and selectively

Social networks with its hashtags, daily trends, links, and configurable notifications are a fertile ground to get for free the big headlines of your day to day, I personally take a few minutes each day to do 2 things that go together: have a coffee just (long, please) and make a quick reading of the newspaper of the day.

Complementing the radio (informative) in the urban routes I get first class material for many different clients with different needs, even from time to time get a nice cross benefits between them.

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