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Camping Kim's since 1957

After having been awarded several times with the Tourist Merit Diploma of the Generalitat de Catalunya, recognized with the Gold Badge of the Girona Camping Association and distinguished in the most prestigious international professional guides, the success story of this campsite is as solid as its granite rock foundations, so typical of the Costa Brava.

Tourist Merit Diploma 2004 - Distinguished award for Kim's Camping The President of the Generalitat de Catalunya handing the prize to Mr. Joaquim (Kim) Vilahur, Stock Image - Catalan Press 2004

Things to do in Llafranc and surroundings

Leaving clear the obviousness of the enjoyment of the omnipresent nature, we divide this section into 2 areas: aquatic and terrestrial. Llafranc is without doubt one of the best water/land borders in the heart of the Costa Brava.

If you like to exercise, at any level, you are in luck!

Aquatic activities

As for recreational and sports activities, there are few things better than relaxed swimming, the Vías Bravas for people with certain preparation (open water) or freediving (which in a relaxed version is known as snorkeling, swimming placidly with glasses and tube to contemplate the seabed without haste).

What you spend on equipment is your business; obviously outside of the warm season it is not feasible to get in without full neoprene, that is quite expensive if you are looking for a very short experience.

Llafranc - Costa Brava

Lycra, hat, glasses, tube and fins can be yours for less than € 100 on sporting goods stores and last several seasons, depending on use and care.

Activities on land

There are many forests in a radius suitable for running or walking whatever your fitness (be careful with your limits!).

The immediate thing is to walk the "Camí de Ronda" that connects Llafranc with Calella de Palafrugell: ideal relaxation after a good meal.

The same for road cycling or especially mountain, there are no big descents but the tracks admit groups and families without much complication.

If you want more technique "and you have legs", you have the massif les Gavarres at very close range.

Regarding the expenditure on equipment needed for land activities, exactly the same as for aquatics: you can start free, with average street wear, and go climbing as your abilities and expectations increase.

A good base to focus all this activity, with prices for all budgets, is the Kim's Camping, strategically located for everything aforementioned.

And please, whoever reads this: the rule should always be RESPECT AND PRESERVE. Wherever you come from, Llafranc locals, Palafrugell or as a visitor.

Camping Kim's - Tourism

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Camping Kim's

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