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Mediaforta is a communication agency that operates from Belgium, we collaborated repeatedly with this agency as outsourcing for 2 years, from 2012 on.

The most remarkable part of this collaboration was a brief but memorable trip to Ghent in June 2013; The people of Mediaforta showed an organization and a courtesy worthy of mention: even knowing the Brussels International Airport on other occasions, it is always a relief to find a chauffeur with a sign that is very well labeled with your name (correctly written). A quiet trip to Ghent, a visit to Mediaforta's headquarters and a meeting with the Project Manager, Mieke, after which we moved to the offices of The Reference, another agency, bigger than Mediaforta and whose project for the Swiss Education Group was the reason Of my presence.

Mediaforta asked for help for a couple of other projects, of which the localization to Spanish of the contents and snippets of Fanuc Robotics stands out.

Mediaforta - Services

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Sector: Services
País: Bélgica
Dirección: Jachthuislaan 13
Código Postal: 3210
Localidad: Lovaina
Provincia: Brabante
Teléfono: 0032 (0) 497 700 123

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