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TOPLUDI SL or is a company specialized in Outdoor Games, Active Games and pedal cars. Selects quality products with a competitive price. It has activity as importers, manufacturers and traders.

It offers 2 types of products, some for domestic or private use and others for commercial or public use. The products for private use are quality articles that are aimed at demanding individuals. They are ideal games to enjoy as a family, with friends, for parties and celebrations. The products of commercial or public use are bought mainly by companies or public organizations such as schools or private ones in the tourism or leisure sector.


Many of its products are sold in Town Halls, Schools, Event Companies, Hotels, Campsites, Rural Tourism Houses, etc.

Topludi mission

To contribute to the happiness of children and their families by selling active and outdoor games of good quality and, if possible, innovators, these products should promote physical exercise in a safe and healthy way. Topludi actively avoids warlike or sexist games.

Seeks to offer an excellent service to its customers, both before and after they have made the purchase. One of the most important keys to offer this good service is to explain very well both the characteristics of the product and the needs it covers. They also have spare parts for all products to make an immediate shipment in case there is a problem.

As a general rule, a client does not expect a company to be perfect, but if you solve problems if they appear, it is for this reason that we resolve incidents in an agile and efficient way.


With his treatment and service he tries to give the client more than what he expects to receive, getting in this way to be happy and return to the store that we help to position from eData.

Topludi - Other sectors

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Sector: Other sectors
País: España
Dirección: Pol. Ind. Montguit, Calle Tona nº14
Código Postal: 08480
Localidad: L'Ametlla del Vallès
Provincia: Barcelona
Teléfono: 902 106 630

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