In our journey through the WWW we find interesting things; seeking the best we usually meet the worst, for the simple reason that there are a lot of volume and lack of time.

It is not an efficient methodology for effective web design companies. Today we illustrate this with an exceptionally low measured on test load optimization, a term coined by Google as PageSpeed.

PageSpeed 0/100

Browsing LinkedIn we found a corporate website made with WordPress which throws this result for its home page, reaching only about 25/100 in the interior pages. It is an objectively modern and attractive (this is very subjective) web design for a company in the ICT sector.

WordPress paradox

It's funny how the virtues of WordPress can become a trap when chasing a technically high performance website (essential for a high commercial performance along with other factors of SEO). The relative permittivity of this CMS and its generalist approach feeds back a cycle of "do-leave" in a hurry where probably volume of content prevails over content quality and stated objectives. The paradox lies in the fact that WordPress professional templates put in the hands of a wide audience a professional web design but only in appearance; if we give a close look analyzing a corporate website like the given example we discover very bad things concerning the capacity for attracting visitors and business.
Our approach to SEO web design for business results and return brings us to ensure the technical side of web development in order to take the PageSpeed Insights variable out of the equation following to the publication of any business website: this way we only need to think of pure SEO facts without worrying about our corproate clients website load speed (being corporate clients a concept category: improving load speed for web pages is good for anyone in need of online visibility).

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