Review, Schema and SEO for Gaudi House Museum

A review is an indication that may favor higher conversion rates (CTR) for websites. We have applied Schema and SEO in the project that took us to the popular Gaudi House Museum in Barcelona and good news is all what we receive from this effort.

What is a Review? The reviews or testimonials left by users of a service, product, or in the case of our client, the Gaudi House-Museum, ??visitors who come to the place and want to record their experience. These contributions, positive or negative in varying degrees, may favor the growth of websites creating a pull effect.

Providing an easy definition, we could call "pull effect" to the unconscious tendency that predisposes us to consume products, services and experiences about someone previously commented, assuming that the review is honest and based on real experiences. An opinion or review is entirely subjective and logically should not be entirely useful to everyone, however this effect is based on so-called primary emotions, confidence in the group and previous experience prevail over our own discretion.

In our project for the Gaudi House Museum we wanted to give this beautiful legacy of Catalan Modernism aspect that deserves within the context of the search results pages of Google (known in slang as SERPs), so that one of the measures sought combining a distinct aesthetic with a clear message for the potential visitor:

You can not miss this!

Detail of the outer fence at Gaudi House Museum in Barcelona

Review + Schema + SEO

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