Enjoy easy, powerful and safe management designed to make your job easier. Technology is the means to reach your goal: effective communication through your web page

A sustainable and efficient growth where the payment of a license is not an expense but an investment.

SaaS efficiency and productivity

If you've ever felt that with your current CMS you spend more time rebuilding and repairing than building and growing, you're in the right place because we offer you an alternative designed to leave old threads behind.

CMS Web SaaS

We are in the era of rent, payment for use and the search for tax advantages. In this current context:

  • Our web content manager is a SaaS service, this is to say an application offered as a service that you do not acquire and maintain as a product, but instead use and take advantage of as a service.
  • The same web application serves all customers offering in each case the features and capabilities required without affecting the other clients
  • These features are offered based on license that is being paid
  • Forget installing plugins, updating versions and making backups
  • If you hear the concept of Total Cost of Ownership you can forget because the benefits you get are a totally sustainable price and above all you can forget about all that dark part of the CMS that requires time and resources without directly impacting In more and better content with greater visibility.

Drastic Change in the Culture of Ownership

We are living in very changing times where many of the things that we take for granted can stop being of one day to another.

The labor mobility of professionals, the search for competitiveness in companies, the opportunities offered by an economy that requires speed and agility not to be overrun... This whole scenario calls for flexibility and adaptability.

At eData we have understood this and moved it to a service that allows you to apply to your customers, content, marketing and your digital strategy leaving behind the unproductive gaps that bring CMS Web tools like WordPress.

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