Customer description:

Gas Natural Fenosa, a pioneer in the integration of gas and electricity, is a multinational group present in more than 30 countries and with more than 23 million customers.

In a previous state, its corporate web portal was huge and gathered all the contents and offers that the energy corporation had for its local and international markets.

Following the legislative change in Spain to avoid possible gas monopolies or electricity monopolies, all large operators were forced to divide their activities, being prohibited by law to gather energy distribution and marketing under the same company.

Hence the need to divide the huge web portal into divisions.

Gas Natural Fenosa, corporate headquarters in Barcelona

Of these divisions, we had the opportunity to exercise our SEO consulting activities for 2 of them: Distribution and Home/Business.

Gas Natural Fenosa - Energy

Client data:

Gas Natural Fenosa

Sector: Energy
País: España
Dirección: Plaza del gas, 2
Código Postal: 08003
Localidad: Barcelona
Provincia: Barcelona
Teléfono: 934 12 96 40

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