Technology advances in big leaps. Users' expectations too.

It's been 12 years since the birth of the mobile era, a period in which a whole life has passed in terms of digital innovation and new platforms.

Applications, Voice Assistants, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality... These are times when digital is everywhere and can lead us to forget an undisputed truth: the mobile web is the most used.

This is because mobile is the device we all use when we want to know something, when we need to find an address or to buy.
That is why it is important to provide a user experience that is up to expectations: fast, attractive and does not interfere with what we want to do.

As mobile web developers committed to the success of the web projects and the Apps we make, we introduce you to the latest news on testing mobile-capable websites: Google has completely redesigned its tool Test My Site, an online application to test the speed of your website as seen on mobile devices.

Test My Site

One of the lessons we all learned from the mobile era: speed is the key to a good mobile experience.

But how important is speed in the experience of a mobile user?

In e-commerce, for example, there is proof that a single second delay in the loading times of a web has an impact in the conversion above 20%.
Faced with such overwhelming data, Google created Test My Site in 2016, a tool designed for companies and used to check the speed of individual web pages, offering tips to improve it.

Moving at the speeds of the mobile era implies having to make adjustments permanently to always be at the forefront.

Developing efficient and results-oriented websites and Apps

It is necessary to consider a strategy, what will be the utility, the objective... If you need a helping hand from a company which is friendly to technology leaps, with experience and capacity to adopt the innovations and turn them into advantages, feel free to contact us.

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