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The Catalan Tourism Agency and its support entities have the mission of ordering, regulating and promoting tourism in the territory of Catalonia, creating various brands based on territorial, patrimonial, cultural and many more criteria, showing a marked innovative character regarding the commitment of making Catalonia a mature and sustainable tourist destination.

It is no easy task to convert the great tourist flow that Catalonia supports in a beneficial current to the territory, its society and its economy.

From eData we have always expressed our honest will to contribute to improving the life and economy of people in the territory that surrounds us and in which we move habitually, being the Catalan Tourism Agency the largest public or public-private sector we have been able to work with to date.

We know there are more challenges waiting, nothing motivates us more than to respond to that call.

Agència Catalana de Turisme - Tourism

Client data:

Agència Catalana de Turisme

Sector: Tourism
País: España
Dirección: Passeig de Gràcia, 105 3r
Código Postal: 08008
Localidad: Barcelona
Provincia: Barcelona
Teléfono: + 34 934 849 900
Fax: +34 934 849 888

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