Wordpress website Cloning: we clone the previous web increasing performance, security and SEO

Attacks, injections of malware code, hackers... Or simply corruption of the database, disastrous updates or inability to produce business results.

Any of these causes, plus all those that are not mentioned, can leave your website very affected or even unusable, then you are obliged to make a decision...
How to preserve your website as it was known to your audience but avoiding new problems or reproducing those that have led you to such a situation?

WordPress Cloning through Relevant CMS, rescue and improvement of WordPress websites that have suffered attacks, fatal errors or that have reached their technical limits and cannot deliver more: an alternative to WordPress at a competitive price.

Professional cloning of Wordpress websites

Success stories that support our WP cloning method

Increased traffic after cloning a Wordpress web ICN Legal Case

We understand perfectly that you have already made an outlay for creating a website, it is necessary to compete in the digital battlefield and with some pressure you made the decision to do it using WordPress; probably not by your own decision but pushed by the market offer.

As of that moment, a countdown began, between the joy of opening a brand new website and a less desirable scenario...

We have seen dozens of cases of infected Wordpress websites. It is something statistically normal if we take into account that WP has achieved a significant volume of installations.
But it is that same popularity that makes any WP website a target appreciated by hackers and black hats SEO.

Our value proposal "Neither created nor destroyed: we transform it"

If you do not want to invest a lot of money again in launching your web project but you have the immense need to do it, we can convert your dead Wordpress website into a Relevant CMS website.

Frequently asked questions about web cloning

By means of these typical questions and their answers, we explain in broad terms what you get when you clone your website:

  • If my WordPress website can no longer be managed, what can I do with it?

    After the cloning process you recover the functionality of your website with important improvements.
    You will continue with your work in the new environment without having lost anything SEO benefit that you have previously achieved. In fact, based on the experience with previous clients, your project will be strengthened from the web cloning process.

  • What happens if I stop using the SEO plugin for WP?

    What we recover is your website and its contents, the plugins will no longer be necessary because Relevant CMS native functionalities take over the work without adding load to the web server. As Relevant CMS is multi-language and SEO-proactive natively, you will notice a significant increase in SEO performance without plugins or additions.
    Page load times (PageSpeed) improve and that will result in improved usability and more positive points in SEO factors.
    The functions for SEO within Relevant CMS at least equal the characteristics of the well-known YOAST SEO and All-in-One-SEO-pack.
    We are experts in SEO for WordPress, so we know what we do.

  • Will I have to change my web hosting? Does Relevant CMS consume a lot of resources?

    Not at all, in fact when cloning your Wordpress website with Relevant CMS what you do is drastically reduce the load of your web server, which results in other collateral benefits such as usability and SEO (remember that the new mobile first indeing is already being used by Google).
    By switching to Relevant CMS you can choose to host your website in your own hosting or in our professional high-performance web hosting; that has a cost but the performance is phenomenal.
    Regarding the consumption of resources, Relevant CMS consumes about a third of the CPU/RAM combination of WordPress. There is still another very important detail to add to the list of benefits of the change from WP to Relevant:
    Since Relevant CMS is a SaaS (meaning that the processing is done on our servers) and publishes optimized static pages, your web server does not have to do more than deliver what is requested, without added processes of any kind.

  • Who will take care of updating the publishing platform?

    Forget about updating things, worry about your content only.
    And if you do not have time, or desire, or resources to upload content to your website and keep competing, remember that we are specialists in creating optimized content for SEO improvement.

  • Will I suffer from hackers and malwares again?

    Your new website will be secure and solid, it will prevent you from falling in the same. As there are no plugins or third-party tools, we avoid the holes through which Wordpress hackers usually sneak. We do not have dependencies to respect (old versions), so our work environment is always up to date.

  • I already spent a lot of money building the website, is it going to cost again another fortune?

    The price is studied by case, because each web is a world although WordPress has been used in all cloning candidate cases. However the price will be more than reasonable given the improvements that accompany the process of cloning your WP! Not only do you recover your website: it also works much better!

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