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SEO web migration with specific WordPress optimization project for the new website of the Gaudí House Museum in Barcelona, we improved and organized their WP achieving significant figures in web analytics.

  • Cliente: Casa Museu Gaudí
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WordPress optimization project for the new website of the Gaudí House Museum, in addition to applying WP improvements we help put order around the web. One of the big problems was the very low loading speed of the new WordPress web implemented, something that we managed to solve without major problems after some tests.

Optimization WP Casa Museo Gaudí, Barcelona

The Gaudí House Museum had a mobile application that worked completely outside the web. As part of the project we organized all available assets and aligned them with the objectives pursued.

Basically it was intended to attract as many visitors as possible through organic traffic so as not to depend on other channels that would need more management and more regular; Since we wanted to respect the work capacity of their team we focused on leaving the web in the best possible state within the scope of the SEO optimization project for WordPress.

As can be seen in the timeline of Google Analytics this project deserves by its own merits to appear prominent in our success cases.
The management and project management praised the work developed, within the agreed schedule and without any stridencies; Also during the control meetings the explanations and details were abundant to guide as much as possible the future work process of the Gaudi House Museum team.